She is fire. | Poem

She is fire, 
Fighting the world for her desire. 

Burning her wishes in her own flame
She thought, life is playing a game.

She wondered, she’s giving others heat
Yet, why people cheat ?

They say, she’s hot and fierce from outside
But No one knows the deep pain inside.

Stay away from her , folks say to their children. 
She ain’t that bad, why to get frightened ?

They say, her work is to destroy others, 
They forget  her presence in temple, why then they are not bothered ?

She has the magic to make wood into ashes ,  with which everyone is  familiar

The ashes used to polish even the most  precious things such as silver

In the dark, she provides brightness
But gets blown out after the faded darkness.

She is fire.
fearless and dauntless ,she inspires !!


harsha navalkar she is fire
Harsha Navalkar ( the image is for representative purpose )

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